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Ignoring the light wont make it go away!

It has now become even more important to deal with warning lights as a vehicle will fail its MOT test for most warning lights that do not come on when the ignition is switched on & extinguish as expected. We have the latest diagnostic equipment, but more importantly technicians that know how to use it! There are so many customers that visit us having wasted money with garages that 'plug in' & rely solely on what the computer says, changing parts unnecessarily.

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Why choose us?
There are lots of garages out there that have diagnostic equipment, but sadly not all know how to interpret the information they provide correctly. The scan tool is there to give an indication of where the fault may lie. The technician must then, using his knowledge & tools identify the source of the fault causing the warning light to illuminate or symptoms to occur that the customer may be experiencing. Diagnosis can be time consuming & requires a level of expertise in order to investigate & correctly identify a fault, it may take 5 hours to find a fault & only 15 minutes to rectify it (for example a break in a wiring harness).

Mobile Mechanic Croydon

We know that not everyone has an endless budget, so we will always agree a limit with you & will not go past that limit without prior authorisation Our minimum diagnosis charge is 1hr, we only charge for the time we spend investigating, not the length of time the vehicle is in the workshop! We use specialist diagnostic equipment with vehicle specific software for the majority of manufacturers.

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Our Promise
100% Guaranteed

Always obtain your consent

We will always obtain your consent before carrying out any work that has not already been authorised by yourself.

Always retain faulty parts

We will always retain faulty & damaged parts for your inspection.

Always keep records

We will always keep a complete record of your car & its history with us.

Always report advisories

We will always report any advisories we see whilst working on your vehicle.

Always explain the costs

We will always explain the costs involved before undertaking any work on your vehicle & where applicable will give you a choice of genuine manufacturer parts & after market O.E parts. All parts we fit come with a years guarantee, unless otherwise stated.

Our Promise