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Fleet Car Servicing Croydon

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With most batteries in stock we'll have you back up & running in no time. Call us today for an accurate quotation. Our stock batteries come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Wheel Alignment Croydon

Silver Calcium Alloy Batteries are batteries with water-acid electrolyte, but with grids made from calcium-silver alloy, instead of traditional lead-antimony grids. They stand out for their resistance to corrosion and the destructive effects of high temperatures. The result of this improvement is manifested in increased battery life and maintaining a starting power over time. This type of battery is used on all Ford vehicles fitted with the smart charge system, fitting a standard battery to this system usually causes charging system problems.

Fleet Car Servicing Croydon

A VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid battery), more commonly known as a sealed battery or maintenance free battery, is a type of lead-acid rechargeable battery. Due to their construction, they can be mounted in any orientation, and do not require constant maintenance. The term "maintenance free" is a misnomer as VRLA batteries still require cleaning and regular functional testing. They are widely used in BMW & Mercedes vehicles. There are two primary types of VRLA batteries, GEL cells and AGM.

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